4:33pm July 30, 2014
4:32pm July 30, 2014


What if, in the process of getting out of the desert, Carlos leaves his phone behind on accident, and a very bored Kevin finds it and calls the radio station daily.

"We’re going to take some calls now on the subject. Caller, you’re on!"

"Hiiii, Cecil, long time listener, first time caller. I’m just kidding, I call all the time. Hello!"

"Kevin! This is a news station. Unless you have news, stop. Calling. Us.”

"News? Hmm, news. Let’s see. Where is news…there’s sand. A lot of sand. Soooo much sand."


"Oh wait, I think- I think I see a figure in the distance! Oh, wait, no, just more sand."

"I’m going to hang up now."

"Okay! I’ll call you back real soon! Bye!"

"No, no, Kevin, don’t call ba- Ugh. Sorry about that, listeners, let’s take a real call now. Caller, you’re live on air!”

"Guess who? Did you guess me? It’s me. Hello."

4:29pm July 30, 2014
4:26pm July 30, 2014


Have you practiced not gendering strangers today?

4:25pm July 30, 2014


Today heard me call someone else my “best friend”. Now he refuses to play Mario kart.

3:08pm July 30, 2014
twenty one pilots // guns for hands // apmas
twenty one pilots // guns for hands // apmas
3:06pm July 30, 2014


what do you mean most rappers don’t play ukulele 

3:06pm July 30, 2014


every group of friends has a mom friend and if u dont have one then u are the mom friend

2:41pm July 30, 2014
2:38pm July 30, 2014


2:18pm July 30, 2014


at joshua dun

2:07pm July 30, 2014


why do ppl have to make posts hating on food? like there’s that one that’s like ‘why would anyone willingly eat olives?’ maybe because they enjoy them? like have u never considered the fact that other ppl have different tastes in food? like there are foods that i don’t like, but i don’t go making/reblogging posts hating on them.

12:58pm July 30, 2014
12:57pm July 30, 2014


Cleric, after bashing a gnoll’s head in with a Morning Star: Have you heard the good news?

12:56pm July 30, 2014


okay since yall seem to be incapable of identifying fake sj posts here’s a handy guide:

  1. go to the source of the post
  2. check the tags
  3. if it’s tagged with two thousand variations of “otherkin” and “headspace” and “sj” then it is 100% fake no exceptions and if you reblog it unironically you are a bad person